Friday COCAcademy with Kim Aycock

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Friday COCAcademy with Kim Aycock

November 15 @ 10:00 am - 2:50 pm EST

Staff Development & Training Track:

A Training Smorgasbord: A Buffet of Ideas to Engage Your Staff in the Learning Process (2 Hours)

You are cordially invited to a training smorgasbord guaranteed to satisfy a hearty appetite! This metaphorical buffet will offer a sample of “appetizers” (ways to get staff ready to learn), a 3-course “meal” (including brain-friendly techniques to present training topics and incorporate movement/visual aids to enhance learning), and a selection of “desserts” (ways to put a flavorful end to training sessions).

Come hungry and leave with ideas (doggie bag included) that will engage your staff in the learning process (even if attention spans are short) while indulging them with training methods that will improve retention of critical information. The success of your summer depends on the intentionality of your staff training!


The Telephone Game for Learning Group Games: Calling All Staff to Have the Opportunity to Lead

In theory, the group games rotation that is standard to most orientation training should give staff the opportunity to learn a lot of games in a short period of time. What really happens is that staff are exposed to a bunch of games; however, the recall rate when the campers arrive is low. Why?! The group leaders get really good at the one game they teach; however, the learning is passive at best for the rest of the participants. Not this summer! Transform your games rotation into one giant telephone game and call ALL staff to have the opportunity to lead.


This Is Not That: Guiding Staff On A Journey From The Ordinary World To The Extraordinary Camp World 

Even the best possible design and presentation of all the things staff need to know to do their job, in the end, fall short. There is a growing concern that staff are not “mature enough” or “ready” to implement the skills being taught and take on the demands of working with youth at camp. To truly “orient” staff demands more than just games, skills and stories- it requires experiences that are transformative. Learn how to create meaningful experiences in various locations at camp so staff associate being there as something impactful and special. This is the groundwork for the maturity and readiness that is foundational for camp’s magic to unfold.


About Kim

Kim Aycock, MST, has several decades of experience equipping young people with skills robots are unable to do. While blending the talents of a master teacher with the knowledge of a seasoned camp expert, Kim ignites learning for varying levels of camp pros worldwide through her interactive and innovative presentations. Kim speaks at regional and national conferences, contributes regularly to Camping Magazine and ACA blogs, and serves as co-chair of ACA’s Staff Recruitment & Retention Committee and Staffing Summit. Contact Kim through her website at


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November 15
10:00 am - 2:50 pm EST


Davenport Grand
333 W Spokane Falls Blvd
Spokane, Washington 99201
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